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Enhance the benefits of STOTT PILATES by incorporating light equipment designed to activate core stability and enhance functional fitness. Performing exercises on an unstable base of support engages deep stabilizing muscles to maintain body position, increasing workout efficiency and delivering faster results, all while expanding workout options.

Stability Ball

Foam Roller

Rotational Disks

BOSU Balance Trainer

stability ball

Stability Ball

Made of latex-free, burst resistant polyvinyl with a non-slip, ribbed surface, our Stability Ball challenges torso stability while improving balance. Some use it in place of an office chair. Includes pump. Safety tested under 250kg/550 lb pressure. Available in two sizes.


  • dia. 55cm
  • Ideal for people under 5'7" tall


  • dia. 65cm
  • Ideal for people 5'7" to 6'2" tall

Stability Balls with pump are also available in attractive Power Packs with bonus Easy Start poster and workout DVD.

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Foam Roller Deluxe

The versatile Foam Roller adds another dimension to Matwork exercises, through a combination of seated, standing and lying exercises. Using the Foam Roller improves strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Our new Foam Roller is constructed super high-density EVA foam and is soft to the touch. EVA foam has excellent memory characteristics meaning it will regain it's original shape after being compressed and its extremely durable. Rounded corners on the roller add to the comfort level.


  • diameter 6"
  • length 36"
  • weight 1-1/2 lbs

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rotational disk

Rotational Disks

Aid in developing balance and strength through rotation while standing or sitting. Baltic birch construction. Available in three sizes.


  • 10", 12" or 19" diameter
    (10" & 12" sold in pairs)

10", 12"


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BOSU balance trainer

BOSU* Balance Trainer

An acronym for “Both Sides Up,” the BOSU is flat on one side, domed on the other, allowing for maximum exercise variety. The unstable nature of the BOSU trainer makes it an ideal tool for establishing and reinforcing balance, stability and core strength. Includes pump.


  • diameter 25"
  • height 8" inflated
  • weight 18 lbs

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Refer to STOTT PILATES videos for workouts incorporating the Stability Ball, BOSU* balance trainer and Foam Roller. Instructors will gain programming ideas and home exercisers will learn how to get the most out of this equipment with these award-winning titles, available at progressive levels of difficulty.

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