A contemporary approach to the original Pilates method, STOTT PILATES is highly adaptable and can be modified to suit the needs of any age or ability. Here’s what others are saying about how STOTT PILATES helped them meet their goals — whether for leisure, lifestyle or business.

Sport Conditioning

"After getting an injury in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, I started taking Pilates classes at my local gym as a way to maintain my fitness level during my recovery. It quickly became an integral part of my training, both as a way to prevent injuries and improve my game. I feel that I have a stronger, more solid core than many of my competitors thanks to Pilates and its emphasis on the deeper abdominal muscles. STOTT PILATES, in particular, is an ideal form of cross-training for martial arts and other high impact sports because so much work is done in a neutral position, which is the most absorbing position for the spine."

- Sarah, Toronto ON


"As an avid competitor in ballroom dance, I have struggled with my inward toe point all my life. After just a few months of training with STOTT PILATES, I find I am able to achieve a greatly improved outward toe point. Plus, I have never looked better – and my posture has improved as well, allowing me to appear larger on the dance floor."

- Scotti, Fairfax, VA

Pre- and Post-Natal Fitness

"Thank you for making such a good product! I am just getting back into shape after having a baby and decided that I also really needed to work on my posture, which was poor before the pregnancy, and had gotten worse. I have only been using your DVDs a few weeks but can already see improvement."

- Stephanie, Huntsville, AB

Physical Rehabilitation

"One of my clients is a two-time survivor of cancer who recently finished her last round of chemotherapy. She initiated her recovery by doing Pilates. Her improvement was evident within months when she was able to finish each class with energy and vigor. She recently expressed to me with tears that she feels stronger physically and most importantly mentally. Her outlook on life is viewed through optimistic eyes that blind the obstacles before her. And all of this, she says, is because she attends Pilates three times a week. Success is not only reveled on the outer-structure of the body, but in the inner-being of the soul."

- Heather, Pilates Instructor, Scottsdale AZ

"About ten years ago, I began to experience lower back pain which I attributed to standing on the job all day. Today I have no lower back pain whatsoever, and I am positive it was Pilates that helped me. I have a strong core and my balance has improved. Doing Pilates has helped make me more aware of my body and how it works. Thank you STOTT PILATES!"

- Janice, Thorold ON

"Taking my body for granted changed last year when I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It was with this diagnosis that I started to exercise for “me”, for the first time in my life. I wanted to “use it for fear of losing it” more than I already had. Since starting the STOTT PILATES routines, I have felt more energized, confident, and physically gained strength and additional flexibility."

- Missy, Pottstown, PA

Weight Management

"I started doing Pilates at home after my dog died. Until then, I ran. When he died, I found I could not bring myself to run without him. So then I was faced with what to do to keep in shape. I had some Pilates videos, so I went to buy a mat. It came with a STOTT PILATES® DVD. Since then I have collected about 20 STOTT PILATES DVDs, which I rotate through. The instruction makes me feel like I have a personal trainer in my basement. My upper body strength has increased, I feel and look more toned, and I actually feel taller."

- Judy, Fort St. John, BC

"About 20 years ago I lost more than half of my body weight. But as with most weight loss experiences, the results were short-lived. After some of my pounds started to return I took a different approach. Diet with body sculpting made sense and so I started doing Pilates. It was working and I was extremely enthused! Then I began teaching Pilates at my community. I’m grateful that the STOTT PILATES® method has helped me and that I have been able to help others achieve their goals and improve their quality of life."

- Joanna Cox, Owner, ABC Pilates, Naples FL

"I realized that if I didn't get my weight in control, I was going to have a lot of issues. My first and most important step was making an appointment to see a dietician. I started walking 10,000 steps a day; I biked; I swam occasionally; but most importantly I did Pilates. Over seven months, I lost 45 pounds. I had always feared that with that amount of weight loss my skin would sag, but Pilates kept me toned. I could feel my abs strengthen. I could feel my obliques becoming defined. My arms were strong. Pilates continues to play a huge role in my life — keeping me toned, healthy, active, and energized."

- Debbie, Toronto ON

Studio Owners

"As a new studio owner, I didn't have a lot of industry resources to help me get started. That's why the STOTT PILATES Full Solutions™ team is so valuable. They understand what it's like to run a Pilates studio because they've been through the process themselves. Their coaching and advice helped me to take my business from a home-based studio to a 1,000 square foot facility. I have been able to market more effectively, hire qualified instructors, and stay focused on my business plan. They've provided the support I needed to meet my goals."

- Mary Jo Falvey, President, Pilates Tutor Studio, Marietta, GA

"The Full Solutions team at STOTT PILATES has helped me take my business to the next level more quickly than I could have ever imagined. By offering teacher training courses, I have generated local buzz that sets me apart from the competition, and the equipment that was recommended to complement my existing equipment has become the most popular within my studio - classes fill in absolutely no time! The STOTT PILATES Full Solutions team is intelligent, focused, and a pleasure to work with. Studio owners like me benefit greatly from their tireless counsel."

- Gina Santangelo, Owner, Callanetics and Pilates Studio Inc., Tenafly, NJ

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