The following questions and answers
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Proctored Exams


What if I can’t take my exam at an Licensed Training Center?


A list of STOTT PILATES LTCs is enclosed in this package. If you are unable to complete the written portion of your exam at an LTC, you have the option of taking the exam by proctor. The conditions of a proctored exam include the following:

A third, unbiased party (notary or public library) must oversee / supervise
the written exam.

The written exam must be taken within the 6-month period after the last STOTT PILATES course was completed.

Exam fees (practical and written) must be paid in full prior to sending the written exam to the specified proctor.

Use of a public library is standard protocol for most STOTT PILATES course examinations as these locations proctor a variety of examinations for various organizations.

Contact the STOTT PILATES Education Department at 1-800-910-0001 ext. 299 or email to express your intent to write an exam by proctor.

Provide the following information:
Exam location, mailing address and phone number
Contact person supervising the written exam
Method of payment (VISA, MasterCard, AMEX or money order)

The exam package will be sent to the contact person at the specified exam location
containing the following:
Exam (1 copy)
Receipt of payment (2 copies)
Pre-addressed return envelope

Student Responsibilities:

Set time and date to write the exam.

Provide up-to-date contact information (phone numbers and email address)
on the written exam so that we can notify you of the results.

Complete Observation and Practice Logs. We will not process practical
exams without this accompanying paperwork.

Proctor Responsibilities:

Receive the examination package

Supervise the examination process (date, time, and location to be agreed
upon by the proctor and student)

Seal the pre-addressed return envelope (with completed written exam and receipt of payment enclosed) and sign the back portion of the sealed envelope to ensure authenticity. The student is responsible for postage.

Video Exam Procedure
The purpose of the practical examination is to observe you as you lead a group through a workout. The subjects should be other STOTT PILATES students or clients with experience in the same level and repertoire covered by the exam. The videotaped workout will be 1 hour in length for either Group SPX exam.

Technical Considerations:

Position the camera to observe the group and allow for an additional 3 feet on either end ensuring enough room to move about. Keep the view close enough to allow details in the movement and the interaction between you and the group.

Test the video equipment and sound level and make sure that it records properly and that your voice can be heard on the tape.

Face the camera (instruct on the far side of the group to not obstruct the view).

The tape should NOT be stopped at any point during the examination. The workout should be continuous.

Video must be sent in either VHS NTSC or PAL format, compact VHS, DVD, mini DVD or CD. We do NOT accept any other format for practical examination submissions. DVDs must be Macintosh compatible.

Conducting the Exam:
Please read, ‘What will I be asked to do for my practical exam?’ for more detail.

Follow the timelines and minimum requirements outlined.

State your name and the name of your exam as you start recording.

The group participants must be familiar with the required repertoire associated with your exam.


General Information
Proctored Exams