Upcoming Training Courses

course IMP

Intensive Mat-Plus

level 1, 40 hours

winter 2011 | Jan 7-23

course IR

Intensive Reformer

level 1, 50 hours

fall 2010 | Nov 12-14 | Nov 19-21 | Nov 25-28
Thu 1pm-6:30pm | Fri-Sat 3pm-8:30pm | Sun 10am-3:30pm

course ICCB

Intensive Cadillac, Chair & Barrels

level 1, 50 hours

fall 2010 | Dec 3-5 | Dec 11-12 | Dec 16-20
Mon 1pm-5:30pm | Thu 1pm-6:30pm | Fri-Sat 3pm-8:30pm |
Sun 10am-3:30pm

course ICAD

Intensive Cadillac

level 1, 25 hours

fall 2010 | Dec 3-5 | Dec 11-12
Fri-Sat 3pm- 8:30pm | Sun 10am-3:30pm

course ICHR

Intensive Stability Chair

level 1, 15 hours

fall 2010 | Dec 16-18 | Thu 1pm-6:30pm | Fri-Sat 3pm-8:30pm

course IBRL

Intensive Barrels

level 1, 10 hours

fall 2010 | Dec 19-20 | Sat 3pm-8:30pm | Sun 10am-3:30pm

course AR

Advanced Reformer

level 2, 18 hours

winter 2011 | Feb 4-6

Continuing Education Workshops




Sun Nov 21

Athletic Conditioning on the Edge


Sun Nov 28

Mini Stability Ball Workout



A written & practical exam is required for certification
exam may be taken within six months of completing course(s)

Space is limited! To register or for costs and additional information regarding these courses, please email or call Monique Lavoie at Pilates on Adelaide 204-257-8528
Accomodations are available.


Pilates Certification Manitoba

1604 Unit 7, St Mary's Road,
Winnipeg, Manitoba R2M 3W5

390 Academy Road

phone: 204-257-8528
fax: 204-235-1979

Monique also conducts courses in:
Paris, France
Oulu, Finland
Hamburg, Germany

The Studio

Instructor Trainer
MONIQUE LAVOIE, Manitoba's undisputed leader in Pilates exercise is owner of Pilates Certification Manitoba operating since 1997. She is one of a very few bilingual STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainers and, upon request, can teach any certification course & examinations in French. A graduate of The National Ballet School, Monique combines over 25 years of teaching experience.

ANNE DAWSON PT is a STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer for ISP courses and Rehab and a STOTT PILATES certified instructor in Matwork and Reformer. Anne has practiced physiotherapy since 1981 with a focus on chronic pain syndromes, TMJ, spinal dysfunctions, acupuncture, and craniosacral therapy. She teaches acupuncture and TMJ care to physiotherapists at a post graduate level. Anne has been a contributor to many medical journals and is the author of the STOTT PILATES Injuries and Special Populations manual. Upon request, Anne can teach ISP or Rehab courses and workshops at your facility.

LIZ COOPER, STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer with over 8 years teaching experience. She is also one of the best arial acrobatic performers and choreographers in the country. Liz is available for private training, continuing education workshops and examinations.

JASON HILLYARD, STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer with over 9 years teaching experience, is also a dancer and graduate of The School of Contemporary Dancers. Jason is available for private training, continuing education workshops and examinations.

Getting There
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Reservations can be made at a nearby B&B. Rates are $60 per night or $30 for a shared room which includes a full breakfast.

The intensive courses above are recommended for certified fitness instructors, personal trainers, and other fitness & health professionals who want to expand their knowledge and enhance their business. Applicants must have, at least three years experience teaching fitness, dance or movement, familiarity with the works of Joseph Pilates, formal anatomy training and a working knowledge of muscle origins, insertions and functions, in order to attend the course.

For a list of required (and optional) course materials click here

You are not obliged to write (and pay for) two exams if you are planning to take both courses. You may choose to wait until completion of the second course to write your exam (a combined Matwork and Reformer exam). If you prefer to pause between courses, you may choose to take an exam to become certified in Matwork only, and another exam (a combined Matwork and Reformer exam) after completing the second course to become certified in Reformer work. In this case two exam fees would apply.