Rehabilitation Program

Space is limited! To register or for costs and additional information regarding these courses, contact Kylie Mones by phone at 03-9662-1500, or email

A written & practical exam is required for certification
exam may be taken within six months of completing course(s)

Breathe Yoga and Pilates
289 Little Collins Street
Melbourne, Australia 3000

contact: Kylie Mones
phone: +613-9662-1500
fax: 03-9662-2500
mail address: GPO Box 1316, Melbourne, Australia 3001

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North Adelaide

Instructor Trainers
MICHELLE SCOTT was first introduced to Pilates during her dance education (BA, BEd) at the University of New South Wales, Australia. She then traveled extensively teaching in London and Edinburgh before returning to Australia and completing her training to become a STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer.  Since then, Michelle has taught courses in New Zealand, Hong Kong, Montreal and the USA.

With over 10 years of teaching experience, RAPHAEL BENDER is a STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer and holds Australian Pilates Method Association level 3 membership. He is also a member of the STOTT PILATES International Advisory Committee for Licensed Training Centres, and has presented numerous workshops and courses to Pilates Instructors, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and fitness trainers nationally in his native Australia, where he is co-owner of the LTC Breathe Wellbeing. Raphael has a special passion and expertise in rehabilitation of spinal injuries through Pilates (as well as his love for teaching super-intense classes). In addition to his Pilates training, Raphael has extensive knowledge and experience teaching stretching techniques and self-trigger point release for drug-free pain relief. Raphael is a qualified fitness trainer and holds a black sash in Southern Praying Mantis kung fu, which he taught for 5 years. he also sporadically writes the widely acclaimed Breathing blog. Raphael's look draws inspiration form the classic Kung Fun movies of the Seventies, and he is said to have impeccable taste in wildly colourful tracksuit/skivvy combos.

The Studio
Breathe is the largest dedicated Yoga and Pilates studio in Melbourne CBD, with over 50 Yoga and Pilates classes at all times of the day, every week from Monday to Saturday, as well as Clinical Pilates for back pain, sciatica and spinal rehabilitation, and Pilates Personal Training for fitness, toning and flexbility.

When you step out of the lift from Melbourne city life you step into a beautiful, magical space where you can escape from the everyday, and where you can feel comfortable to just be yourself, away from the hustle and bustle of the CBD.

Free green tea (and water of course!): drink lots!  Free healthy organic fruit. Take a couple back to the office for later – or to share with a friend.

Our first floor Yoga and Pilates studios are for energy, balance, flexibility, strength and relaxation. Do a class. Or two. Our qualified Pilates and Yoga teachers are friendly and approachable. They will make contact with you each and every class, to help you through your Pilates or Yoga practice. Our second floor Pilates studio is for Clinical Pilates, Pilates Personal Training and Studio Pilates classes, for that extra level of attention, care and guidance.

How to Get Here
We’re right in the centre of Melbourne city CBD. Between Swanston and Elizabeth Street. We’re above Jigsaw, opposite DJ’s. Just a hundred steps from all of Melbourne’s main tram lines and not many more to trains.

The intensive courses above are recommended for certified fitness instructors, personal trainers, and other fitness & health professionals who want to expand their knowledge and enhance their business. Applicants must have, at least three years experience teaching fitness, dance or movement, familiarity with the works of Joseph Pilates, formal anatomy training and a working knowledge of muscle origins, insertions and functions, in order to attend the course.

For a list of required (and optional) course materials click here

You are not obliged to write (and pay for) two exams if you are planning to take both courses. You may choose to wait until completion of the second course to write your exam (a combined Matwork and Reformer exam). If you prefer to pause between courses, you may choose to take an exam to become certified in Matwork only, and another exam (a combined Matwork and Reformer exam) after completing the second course to become certified in Reformer work. In this case two exam fees would apply.