Upcoming Training Courses

course IMP

Intensive Mat-Plus

Level 1, 40 hours

spring 2011 | May 20-22 | Jun 3-5 | Jun 17-18 | 8am-1:30pm

summer 2011 | Jul 29-31 | Aug 12-14 | Aug 26-27 | 8am-1:30pm

course XMG

Crossover from Intensive Mat-Plus to Group Matwork

6 hours

fall 2011 | Dec 1 | 12pm-6:30pm

course IR

Intensive Reformer

level 1, 50 hours

spring 2011 | May 20-22 | Jun 2-5 | Jun 16-18 | 2pm-7:30pm

summer 2011 | Jul 29-31 | Aug 11-14 | Aug 25-27 | 2pm-7:30pm

course XRG

Crossover from Intensive Reformer
To Group Training

6 hours

fall 2011 | Dec 2 | 12pm-6:30pm

course ICAD

Intensive Cadillac

Level 1, 25 hours

spring 2011 | Apr 28-29 | May 10-12
Tue-Thu 10am-3:30pm | Wed 12pm-5:30pm | Fri 8am-1:30pm
except Apr 28 | 8am-1:30pm

fall 2011 | Sep 9-11 | Sep 23-24 | 12pm-5:30pm

course ICHR

Intensive Stability Chair

Level 1, 15 hours

summer 2011 | Jun 24-26 | Fri 12pm-5:30pm | Sat-Sun 8am-1:30pm

fall 2011 | Oct 21-23 | 12pm-5:30pm

course IBRL

Intensive Barrels

Level 1, 10 hours

spring 2011 | Jun 9-10 | 12pm-5:30pm

fall 2011 | Nov 4-5 | 12pm-5:30pm

course AM

Advanced Matwork

Level 2, 6 hours

spring 2011 | Jun 19 | 8am-2:30pm

summer 2011 | Aug 28 | 8am-2:30pm

fall 2011 | Oct 30 | 8am-2:30pm

course AR

Advanced Reformer

Level 2, 18 hours

fall 2011 | Sep 16-18 | Fri-Sat 12pm-6:30pm | Sun 9am-3:30pm

course ACAD

Advanced Cadillac

Level 2, 6 hours

fall 2011 | Dec 3 | 12pm-6:30pm

course ACHR

Advanced Stability Chair

Level 2, 3 hours

fall 2011 | Dec 4 | 9am-12pm

course ABRL

Advanced Barrels

Level 2, 3 hours

fall 2011 | Dec 4 | 1pm-4pm

course ISP

Injuries & Special Populations

24 hours

fall 2011 | Oct 6-9 | Thu-Sat 12pm-6:30pm | Sun 10am-4:30pm

Continuing Education Workshops




Sat Jun 11

Functional Training with the Fitness Circle


Sat Jun 11

Golf Conditioning on the Reformer


Sat Jun 11

Prenatal Pilates on the Reformer


Sat Jun 11

Intermediate Matwork: Functional Anatomy, Cueing & Correcting


Sat Jun 11

Exploring the Arc Barrel


Sat Jun 11

Athletic Conditioning on the Stability Chair


Sat Jun 11

Reformer with Fitness Circle


Sun Jun 12

Muscular Strength & Endurance for Teens


Sun Jun 12

Athletic Core Conditioning on the


Sun Jun 12

Lumbo-Pelvic Region: Stability & Function


Sun Jun 12

Programming for Osteoporosis Management


Sun Jun 12

Foam Roller Plus, level 1 & 2


Sun Jun 12

Programming for Scoliosis Managment


Sun Jun 12

Jumpboard Strength & Conditioining


Sun Jun 12

Athletic Conditioning on the V2 Max Plus Reformer


Thu Jul 28

Anatomy Review


Sun Sep 25

Postural Analysis Review


Sun Sep 25

Postural Analysis & Application to Exercise


A written & practical exam is required for certification
exam may be taken within six months of completing course(s)

Space is limited! To register or for costs and additional information regarding these courses, please call Chau Pham-Kid at 713 861 6770 or email

Pilates South Texas
5151 Katy Freeway, Suite 140
Houston, Texas
77007 USA

contact: Chau Pham-Kid
713 861 6770
713 861 6775

visit Pilates South Texas at

getting there: see map

Also Hosting in:
The Woodlands, Texas
Dallas, Texas

Instructor Trainer:
Chau Pham-Kid is the owner of Pilates South Texas, a STOTT PILATES Licensed Training Center in Houston, Texas. Chau Pham-Kid is a STOTT PILATES Certified Instructor Level I, II, SPX, and Injury and Speical Populations Instructor Trainer. She has instructed STOTT PILATES in North America, South America and Europe. In addition, Chau has a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Engineering from the University of Tennessee.

The Studio:
Pilates South Texas, located on Interstate 10 at the Durham / Shepherd exit, is within 10 minutes of the Central Business District, the Galleria, and an array of hotels and restaurants.

The first and only STOTT PILATES Licensed Training Center in Houston, Texas, Pilates South Texas is fully equipped to offer STOTT PILATES Education, Certification and Training.

Our fully-equipped studio features STOTT PILATES equipment including 4 V2 Max Plus Reformers, 1 V2 Max Plus Rehab Reformer, 2 Cadillacs, 5 Split-Pedal Stability Chairs, 2 Ladder Barrels, 9 Arc Barrels, and 5 Spine Correctors and small apparatus.

The intensive courses above are recommended for certified fitness instructors, personal trainers, and other fitness & health professionals who want to expand their knowledge and enhance their business. Applicants must have, at least three years experience teaching fitness, dance or movement, familiarity with the works of Joseph Pilates, formal anatomy training and a working knowledge of muscle origins, insertions and functions, in order to attend the course.

For a list of required (and optional) course materials click here

You are not obliged to write (and pay for) two exams if you are planning to take both courses. You may choose to wait until completion of the second course to write your exam (a combined Matwork and Reformer exam). If you prefer to pause between courses, you may choose to take an exam to become certified in Matwork only, and another exam (a combined Matwork and Reformer exam) after completing the second course to become certified in Reformer work. In this case two exam fees would apply.