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News Release

April 1, 2001
Contact: Alison Hope 800-910-0001, ext. 225

Mind-Body Fitness Group Unveils Pilates-Based Circuit Training Program

San Francisco, March 23, 2000 — International mind-body fitness authority Moira Stott-Merrithew will unveil the STOTT Circuit™ at the IHRSA Conference and Tradeshow in San Francisco March 23rd to March 25th, 2000. The versatile system is designed to meet the diverse needs of fitness club members one-on-one or in small groups. The system involves mind-body exercises performed on four key pieces of core conditioning™ equipment — all based on STOTT’s contemporary approach to the exercise system pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates.

A revolution in integrating pilates-based exercise and equipment into a fitness club setting, the new STOTT Circuit is ideal for the physically fit, can be adapted to encourage de-conditioned individuals to exercise, yet will challenge the most finely tuned athletes, according to Ms. Stott-Merrithew, program director and co-founder of the STOTT group of companies.

The new STOTT Circuit involves performing strength, flexibility and core conditioning™ exercises in sequence, rotating from mat exercises to those performed on the main pieces of equipment used in pilates exercise: Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrel. A repertoire of hundreds of exercises allows instructors to challenge and motivate group exercisers and customize programs for personal training. Clubs are expected to react enthusiastically to the new system because of its versatility and its revenue-generating potential.

The STOTT Circuit has a high-energy feel so it appeals to those who enjoy traditional forms of fitness and athletics but want to prevent injury, develop mind-body awareness, and improve flexibility, coordination and control. "The STOTT Circuit is driven by a definite market need for results, not by hype. It involves versatile programming and quality equipment that allows clubs and instructors to meet the changing needs of their members," says Lindsay Merrithew, co-founder of the STOTT group and President & CEO of Merrithew Corporation.

The STOTT group of companies, owned and operated by the Merrithew Corporation, was founded in 1987 by Ms. Stott-Merrithew and Mr. Merrithew with a mission to promote the benefits of mind-body fitness worldwide. STOTT provides teacher training-certification, manufactures core conditioning™ equipment, produces videos and manuals, and operates two retail studios.

For more information on STOTT, call 416-482-4050, or toll-free 1-800-910-0001.

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