Cardio-Tramp? Reformer Rebounder ? Adds Punch to Any Workout

The Cardio-Tramp?

The innovative Cardio-Tramp facilitates a low-impact, high-energy routine that is ideal for users of all fitness levels and backgrounds. Its durable and heavy-duty construction features a soft landing surface allowing for a challenging workout without stressing the joints. Exercisers are able to transform their regular Reformer routines into fun, energizing workouts that will allow them to burn more calories.

See what others are saying about the Cardio-Tramp:

“I really like the ease and simplicity of being able to inter-mix cardio with Pilates.”

“It is light and easy to install on the Reformer.”

"It is great for everybody, from teenagers to seniors, and it is gentle and easy on the joints."
“It’s a fun, challenging workout and adds variety.”