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Stretch and strengthen the torso and shoulders with the Spine Corrector. The Baltic birch panels and maple handgrips are solid and sturdy. High quality EVA foam upholstered with black vinyl is durable, long lasting and easy to clean.


Whether working out on a mat or equipment, the Spine Supporter is designed to support the spine and reduce neck tension. Complete with support straps, it's ideal for those with weak lower backs and for developin proper form during abdominal work. A guide outlining basic exercises is included.

Spine Corrector: width 31"; height 12"; overall length 30"; weight 24 lbs

Cost: $425.00

Spine Supporter: width 13"; height 15"; overall length 29-1/2"; weight 5 lbs

Cost: $149.00

All prices are quoted in US dollars.

Fitness professionals may be eligible for further discounts. For further details and pricing (including quotes in Canadian dollars), log in to our store.

SAVE when you purchase a Spine Corrector or Supporter with its accompanying video!

Moira leads you through the Spine Corrector exercises - from relaxation and stretching to challenging and strengthening exercises. 44 minute workout.

For those who suffer from neck and shoulder tension, need help initiating the mind-body connection or are in the early stages of pregnancy. 30 minute workout.

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