The fitness circle® exerciser is perfect for group fitness, personal training and rehabilitation. The resistance of the Fitness Circle helps with developing torso stability and targeting and toning specific muscles. Molded latex-free handles overlap the three-band-strength sprung steel construction to provide extra comfort when performing abduction and adduction exercises. Available in two sizes..

The Fitness Circle, as shown here, is constructed of three bands of quality sprung steel, with two high density foam padded handles. We carry two sizes, 12" and 14". Each weighs less than two pounds. They retail for $59.95 US

Take a Fitness Circle® class with Moira Stott on Video



The Fitness Circle Workout video offers 25 minutes with Moira as she leads you through a complete workout. The new Power Fitness Circle video picks up the pace for another 38 minutes with Moira.

For more information see our video page or click above on the picture of the video. And now for a limited time, receive the video for half price when you buy the Fitness Circle®. To order click here


We provide volume discounts on these products, please email or call us for more information. Our toll-free telephone number is 1-800-910-0001

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