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intelligent exercise. profound results.

Customize equipment for your facility or for individual use with STOTT EQUIPMENT accessories. They will help you adapt, alter and expand the range of exercises performed on each piece.

The following is a selection of our equipment accessories. For a complete listing, please log in to our store. All prices are quoted in US dollars.

Soft Footar

covered with multiple layers of dense foam, the soft footbar is ideal for sensitive or bruised metatarsals

w 27" x h 3" x d3"
US $145.00


the jumpboard provides a firm, padded jumping surface. Attachment posts slip in easily and fasten securely with metal-threaded knobs. There are 2 sizes:

reg: w22" x h16"- US $185.00
large: w22" x h20"- US $235.00

Rotational Diskboard

two 10" diameter disks mounted on a stationary frame, the rotational diskboard is used for controlled adduction and abduction

w22" x h20"
US $249.00


all straps are double-stitched for durability

sold in pairs; see store for selection

Handles & Loops

all handles and loops are double-stitched for durability. High-quality nickel-plated rings and clips result in longevity and resilience

sold in pairs; see store for selection


nickel-plated, heat-treated springs ensure the durability and integrity of tension

see store for selection

Reformer Boxes

help vary exercises. Densely padded for comfort, they include a footstrap and come in three sizes:

pro & rehab: w15" x l28" x h10" - US $169.00
large: w16 1/2" x l34" x h10" - US $179.00
client: w15" x l28" x h14" - US $179.00

Mat Converter

provides a lightweight and cushioned carriage extension, creating a stable, safe surface for matwork

w24" x l54 1/8" h3"
(specify pro or client)
US $235.00

Padded Platform Extender

accomdate upright exercises and extend the wooden standing platform with the padded platform extender

w24" x l10" x h3"
US $125.00

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