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News Release

Thursday, January 1, 2001
Contact: Alison Hope 800-910-0001, ext. 225

Boomers, Pro Athletes & Health Professionals Embrace Intelligent Exercise™

An all-gain, no-pain system of exercise is quickly gaining popularity worldwide as injured and aging baby boomers trade in repetitive, high-impact workouts for a more methodical system of exercise. The "mind-body" approach to optimal fitness, known as STOTT PILATES™ is also finding favor with physical therapists, professional athletes and personal trainers. According to fitness specialist Moira Stott-Merrithew, program director of STOTT Education, the low-impact neuromuscular system of exercise yields such significant results and feels so good to do that people become hooked very quickly.

"The STOTT Reformer has helped our players stay on the cutting edge of performance enhancement training. I recommend this style of training to any serious athlete, professional as well as amateur," notes Fernando Montes, head strength & conditioning coach of the Cleveland Indians.

A former dancer herself with City Ballet of Toronto and England's Ballet Rambert, Ms. Stott-Merrithew based her method of conditioning on the teachings of late fitness guru Joseph Pilates and until recently a well-kept secret among dancers.

"By taking the teachings of Joseph Pilates and updating them to include what we now know about the body and how it works, we can offer a highly effective and safe exercise regime," says Ms. Stott-Merrithew, who recently released 30 new STOTT PILATES™ video titles, making the collection the most comprehensive of its kind.

STOTT PILATES™ involves controlled exercises performed on a mat or using specially designed resistance equipment, such as the Fitness Circle® exerciser and the STOTT Reformer. The repertoire of hundreds of exercises is designed to tone, elongate and strengthen muscles, while improving body awareness and posture, and relieving stress.

The exercise method can be done one-on-one, in small groups with a trained instructor or at home with the help of Ms. Stott-Merrithew's 30 video titles covering every pilates exercise known to mankind. STOTT PILATES™ titles range from Essential Matwork , the ideal introduction to the technique, to Flex-Band Workout , which uses a simple resistance band to simulate exercises performed on a STOTT Reformer, to Power Mat Workout , which increases the intensity of a traditional mat routine. The STOTT group of companies, owned and operated by the Merrithew Corporation, was founded in 1987 by Ms. Stott-Merrithew and business partner/husband Lindsay Merrithew, president and CEO, with a mission to promote the benefits of mind-body fitness worldwide. STOTT provides teacher training-certification, manufactures core conditioning™ equipment, produces videos and manuals, and operates two retail studios.

For more information on STOTT products and services, call 416-482-4050, or toll-free 1-800-910-0001.

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