Essential equipment for aligning and mobilizing the spine, improving posture and developing balance and control, STOTT PILATES Barrels are used to modify or enhance a wide variety of exercises. An economical choice for beginning or building on an equipment-based pilates program, each Barrel is designed to fully support the body, allowing for multi-dimensional movements through a full range of motion.

Arc Barrel &
Arc Barrel Deluxe

Modify exercises to increase or decrease challenge with the Arc Barrel or Arc Barrel Deluxe. Ideal for rehab and to assist with matwork exercises, the Barrel’s gentle curve helps decompress and lengthen the spine.


  • Dense EVA foam cushioning provides optimal comfort and faithful proprioceptive feedback.
  • Arc Barrel Deluxe features Baltic birch side panels and contoured handles.
  • Lightweight and portable.


  • width 23-1/2" (Deluxe 24-1/2")
  • length 22-1/2"
  • height 6"
  • weight 8 lbs (Deluxe 9 lbs)

Ladder Barrel

Designed for core conditioning and to increase flexibility, the Ladder Barrel challenges core stability and strength for everyone from beginners to the fully conditioned. The Ladder Barrel is a key component of the fully equipped studio.


  • Six ladder rungs accommodate varying degrees of strength and flexibility.
  • Adjustable sliding base varies the distance between the ladder and barrel, allowing for different torso and leg lengths.
  • Metal frame construction ensures stability and durability.
  • Steel vertical ladder posts are welded into steel frame for maximum strength and dependability.
  • Dense EVA foam provides optimal comfort and faithful proprioceptive feedback.


  • width 24"
  • frame length 44"
  • height 39"
  • weight 110 lbs

Spine Corrector

An economical starter Barrel for small studios or home exercisers, the Spine Corrector, with its slanted platform and wooden handgrips, can be used to perform a wide variety of exercises to lengthen and strengthen the torso, back, shoulders and legs.


  • Solid Baltic birch panels and maple handgrips.
  • Sturdy wood construction with dense foam padding.


  • width 21-1/2", with handles 32"
  • length 30-3/4"
  • height 12"
  • weight 24 lbs

Spine Supporter

The Spine Supporter is ideal for reducing neck tension while it stabilizes the spine for exercises on the mat and other equipment. Used frequently as an assistive tool for those with weak lower backs, to modify exercises during pregnancy, and to develop proper form for abdominal work.


  • Integrated support straps.
  • Sturdy wood construction with dense foam padding.
  • Includes a guide of basic exercises.


  • width 13"
  • length 29-1/2"
  • height 15"
  • weight 8 lbs


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