STOTT PILATES Resources: Support Materials

Client Handouts

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What is Pilates?

Pilates: Instructor Focus FAQ

Instructor Focus FAQ

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Pilates: General Fitness FAQ

General Fitness FAQ

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Pilates: A Canadian Success Story

A Canadian Success Story
Fitness Business Canada

An in-depth look at how Moira and Lindsay G. Merrithew started the STOTT PILATES phenomenon.

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Pilates: The Five Basic Principles

The Five Basic Principles STOTT PILATES

An informative review of the most contemporary method of Pilates.

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Pilates: Pilates...Not just for Adults

Pilates…Not just for Adults
OnSite magazine

Youth fitness is on the rise; Pilates is at the forefront. Find out more.

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Pilates: A Healthier Future with Pilates

A Healthier Future
with Pilates

Professional Fitness UK magazine

How Pilates has changed the wave of the health and fitness industry.

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Pilates for Every Exerciser OnSite magazine

Why mind-body fitness is changing the way people of all ages and stages exercise for a lifetime.

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Athletics & Sport Conditioning

Pilates: Pilates for the Sports Guy

Pilates for the Sports Guy Beyond Fitness magazine

Get the inside scoop on why ore and more athletes (including pros!) are turning to Pilates for injury prevention and training.

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Rehab & Active Aging

Pilates: Armchair Pilates

Armchair Pilates
Journal on Active Aging

Unique exercises that you can do from the comfort of your armchair at home!

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Pilates: Pilates for the Physically Challenged

Pilates for the Physically Challenged
OnSite Magazine

Pilates caters to special populations like no other form of fitness. Here’s why.

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Pilates: The Pilates Career Path

The Pilates Career Path
Can-Fit-Pro magazine

Why Pilates instructors are the highest paid and most sought-after trainers in the industry.

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Business Advice

Ideal for Business Use


Pilates: Pilates Can Be Your Club's Core Strength

Pilates Can Be Your Club’s Core Strength

Find out why Pilates is making its mark in the fitness industry and how clubs are reaping the benefits big time.

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Pilates: The Benefits of Reformer Training

The Benefits of Reformer Training
California Clubs of Distinction

Why more fitness facilities are incorporating equipment-based Pilates programs into their locations.

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Marketing Pilates for
Long-Term Success

Club Solutions

President and CEO of STOTT PILATES, Lindsay G. Merrithew offers creative ideas to successfully market programs in your club.

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Pilates: A Dedicated Pilates Studio Creates Non-Dues Revenue

A Dedicated Pilates Studio Creates Non-Dues Revenue
California Clubs of Distinction

An in-depth look at implementing Pilates studios into your club easily and effectively.

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