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Fitness Library Additions:
Basic and Intermediate Yoga and Pilates DVDs

New to mat-based fitness regimes? Bored with your basic yoga and Pilates workout DVDs? Here’s a roundup of beginner- and intermediate-level yoga and Pilates workouts.

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Pilates 2nd Edition, STOTT PILATES
As a true beginner, the Basic Pilates 2nd Edition launched by STOTT PILATES surpassed my expectations for a newcomer’s guide to the popular workout. Pilates guru Moira Merrithew gave succinct explanations of each basic exercise (focusing on movement quality and control) and quickly moved from easy breathing techniques through heavy-hitting "hundreds." Her technique made the time fly by—which is exactly what I look for in an exercise video. By letting me chose what I wanted to learn first, the main menu allowed me to become accustomed to the principles of Pilates before jumping into the main workout. Bottom line: The well-explained exercises flowed quickly into a satisfying workout. Gift packs with more DVDs and equipment are available on the STOTT PILATES Web site.
—Laura March, Production Assistant

$14.95; Available at and Borders Bookstore

Total Body Challenge Pilates from Gaiam
If you like Pilates but are bored with basic mat classes and videos, this 60-minute DVD is a great next step. Host Linda Farrell, one of the most popular mat class instructors in New York, has incorporated a resistance band into dozens of Pilates exercises to give your mind and body a new challenge. The workout is divided into three 20-minute segments that progress from abs to lower body to upper body, which give you the ability to fit in a short workout on busy days or focus on total-body toning when you have more time to spare. If the extra resistance from the band is too much at first, you can drop it from many of the exercises and still get a good workout. Or, begin with a band with light tension and move to one with heavier tension as you get stronger. The kit comes with a DVD, Pilates mat and stretch band.
—Amy Leibrock, Special Projects Editor

$39.98; Available at Target, Barnes and Noble, Borders and Dicks Sporting Goods

Kimberly Fowler's Yoga for Athletes
I have a few yoga DVDs that I use when I can't get to a class. The problem is, those same DVDs can get boring. But Kimberly Fowler's Yoga for Athletes surprised me. It has continued to keep me challenged and interested after the fourth and fifth time. Kimberly Fowler is confident, calming and clear enough that you can follow her instructions without watching the screen. The poses are challenging, but unlike many super-charged yoga DVDs, this one gives you enough time in each pose, with the opportunity to take the poses further than you have before. Fowler offers ways to make each pose less or more challenging, depending on your level, and explains the benefits of the poses for athletes who may be particularly stiff in certain areas. For inexperienced yogis or first-time users, this DVD may be a bit challenging, but you'll find yourself more and more comfortable with each time you use it.
—Jenn Coonce, Creative Director

$24.95; Available at and

Xflowsion's Triple Training System
Here's the lowdown on what to expect from Xflowsion's 4-workout, 2 disc set, from a novice's perspective:

Calm Down Dog (beginner level; gentle stretching)
As a beginner to yoga, this was my favorite workout in the series. The moves were basic and slow and felt more like peaceful “me” time instead of a workout. Paskel encourages you to reflect, relax and realize the importance of slowing down. [27 minutes]

Amazing Abs (intermediate to advanced level; cardio and martial arts)
Paskel works the abs through lots of kicks, leg raises and twists. Since your head is down for the beginning portion, I’d recommend watching this workout before trying it yourself. I had trouble balancing in some of the moves, but it was a challenging core workout that worked my whole center with minimal crunching. [23 minutes]

Body Blast (intermediate to advanced level; cardio, martial arts and strength)
Paskel acknowledges that everyone might not be able to do all of these moves, but he encourages users to try their best. With deep jumping lunges, push-ups, squats and kicks, you’ll be sweating from this workout. Watch it first, perform the moves that you can do, and try a few new ones. You can only improve with practice. [26 minutes]

Live in Hollywood (intermediate or advanced level; yoga, cardio and martial arts)
This alternative yoga workout feels more like watching a performance in a dance club than an exercise DVD. With a live band playing rock music, Paskel and his crew “dance” in some of the poses, do punches and kicks and perform a variety of strengthening yoga moves—some that will be too challenging for a beginner. Even if you’re not strong enough to do all of the moves, you should still give this workout a try and participate where you can. [Varying times, up to 83 minutes]

—Diana Kelly, Assistant Editor

$59.99; Available at

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