David — York, PEI
"I have lost over 50 lbs by using STOTT PILATES and regular cycling. I have gone from a 38 pant size down to a 33-34 inch pant size. I now wear more form-fitting clothing with confidence, and for a man my age, feel very good about how my body looks and how straight my posture is."

Ariel — Rochester, MN
"I simply feel better now than I have in the last 1-2 years. I went through a very stressful time in my life about a year and a half ago and during that time I stopped going to the gym and working out. I put on a few pounds and lost a lot of energy. Since getting myself back to the gym and adding STOTT PILATES to my workouts, I have experienced a fresh burst of energy in my life that not only I have noticed, but has also been noticed and remarked upon by my family, friends and co-workers."

Arlene — Toronto, ON
"STOTT PILATES for me is the piece of the puzzle that pulls all other activities together. The focus on breathing, core conditioning and proper technique has not only enhanced me physically (increased strength and flexibility) but has also increased my awareness of self through a developed mind-body connection. I feel stronger and more confident to participate in certain activities in a "total" way as opposed to just exercising!"

Elizabeth — Canton, MI
"I am a 32-year old mother with degenerative disc disease. I began physical therapy almost a year ago. Though I was in OK shape, my abdominal muscles were weak and I kept reinjuring myself. I began doing STOTT PILATES in a workshop at my physical therapy clinic – The University of Michigan Spine Program. I noticed results in how I looked and felt quickly, so much so that I ordered the videos and began doing STOTT PILATES at home, too. My back feels stronger than ever. Even if I injure myself, I now have better tools to help myself get better."

Heather — Mayfield, KY
"My stress level has decreased significantly with STOTT PILATES. I think clearer than before. I feel stronger, leaner, taller, and more in control of my body."

Noelle — Fremont, CA
"STOTT PILATES has given me an entire new life. I now teach it full-time and opened a studio because I fell in love with the method. It has made many positive changes in my life because of the body confidence the method has given me."

Calla — Toronto, ON
"I have been practicing pilates for over a year now, and it has made a huge difference in my physical and mental well-being. The most significant improvement has been to my enjoyment of exercise. Traditional weight-training had become boring for me and seemed limited in what it could do both physically and mentally. I craved something that was physically challenging but also mentally stimulating, and I found that in STOTT PILATES. It has also helped me achieve greater calm and focus, and has tremendously increased my body awareness, both during exercise and in day-to-day living."

Michelle — El Cerrito, CA
"My posture has improved dramatically. I was already small-framed when I started the exercise, but I am now leaner and stronger. My core muscles are much stronger. My abs are tight and I now have a little 4 pack, which is quite amazing."

Jo Ann — Houston, TX
"I can't believe how absolutely GREAT I feel after a workout, completely stretched and strengthened from head to toe and with energy to get me through my day!!"

Zoe — La Jolla, CA
"Since experiencing STOTT PILATES, my entire way of viewing my own body has shifted. I have discovered the body confidence and awareness that I was never able to access from childhood. For me STOTT PILATES is a physical expression that enables me to move with much more awareness, grace, confidence and poise without having a dance background. I feel young, energized and childlike after each session."

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