Weighted Balls

Designed to add variety and challenge to matwork routines, STOTT PILATES’ array of resistance accessories can be used to develop muscular strength, endurance and flexibility. Increasingly used to target and strengthen specific muscle groups for sports such as tennis or golf, this economical, lightweight equipment is ideal for home, gym or travel workouts.

Fitness Circle Lite

Fitness Circle Lite
Resistance Ring

The lightweight construction of the Fitness Circle® Lite makes it ideal for beginners and perfect for home and travel. Inner and outer foam grips provide extra comfort.


  • diameter 14"
  • weight 3/4 lb

The Fitness Circle Lite is also available in an attractive Power Pack with bonus Easy Start poster and workout DVD.

Fitness Circle Lite Gift Pack

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Fitness Circle Pro

Fitness Circle Pro
Resistance Ring

The original, sprung-steel Fitness Circle Pro is the best choice for studios and group exercise classes, featuring firm resistance and molded latex-free grips. Instructors can also use the Fitness Circle to help clients maintain proper alignment and to increase proprioceptive awareness.


  • diameter 12" and 14"
  • weight 1-1/4 lbs

Flex-Band Class

Flex-Band Exercisers

The economical Flex-Band® exerciser can be used to add upper and lower body resistance to matwork and simulate many of the moves performed on a reformer. Made of durable latex, the band is available in regular (green) or extra-strength (blue).


  • length 6.5 ft

Flex-Band exercisers are available separately or in a handy twin pack with bonus Easy Start poster.

Flex-Band Gift Pack
(colors may vary)

Toning Balls

Our soft, weighted, toning balls fit comfortably into the palm of the hand. Incorporate into matwork routines to increase intensity and bring awareness to shoulder girdle stability or target desired muscle groups.


  • 1 lbs | Purple
  • 2 lbs | Blue
  • 3 lbs | Green
    (colors may vary)

Toning Balls are also available in an attractive Power Pack with bonus Easy Start poster and workout DVD.

Bean Bag

Bean Bag

Strengthen wrists and arms by rolling and unrolling this weighted, canvas bean bag – perfect for treating tennis elbow. Solid maple handle. Durable nylon rope.


  • length 5 ft
  • weight 3 lbs


Get the most out of STOTT PILATES resistance equipment with our Flex-Band, Fitness Circle and Toning Ball videos on DVD. Increase the level of difficulty as you work through the series.

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