STOTT PILATES instructors are highly qualified professionals. All are certified in the STOTT PILATES method. Many have danced professionally or hold degrees in dance, kinesiology, physical education or physiotherapy. Each instructor brings his or her own rich experience to your session.

To benefit from different teaching styles, we recommend working with more than one instructor.


STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainers

Rie Sakamoro

As a university student in Japan, Rie Sakamoro’s hobbies included jazz and  classical ballet. When she graduated with an English degree in 2000, Rie decided to pursue her interest in the human body further and moved to Toronto, Canada in 2006. She soon   became interested in mind-body fitness and certified in the contemporary STOTT PILATES® method. Having fulfilled that goal, today Rie is training to become a STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer. Always eager to learn Rie strives to provide all of her clients with the most effective workout possible.


Lisa Kojola

Lisa Kojola discovered STOTT PILATES® while searching for an effective and pain-free way to strengthen and challenge her body. She became fascinated by the versatile application of the contemporary method, and by 2004 she was a STOTT PILATES certified instructor. Lisa strives to provide her clients with challenging yet fun workout sessions that will leave them feeling invigorated and refreshed. Currently, Lisa is working on completing the STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer program, while she continues to work with clients as she loves seeing and hearing about the mind-body fitness goals they have achieved.

Sarah Jarvis

While completing her Business Administration degree at the University of Windsor, Sarah Jarvis began teaching aerobics and weight training classes. After finishing her degree, she moved to Toronto and started teaching fitness classes, working in sales and managing a club. Sarah soon discovered STOTT PILATES® and discovering how the method strengthens and refocuses the mind and body, she made the transition from the high-impact training world.  Sarah completed her STOTT PILATES Full Certification in 2004 and began working at STOTT  PILATES Corporate  Training Center. Intrigued by both the business and training worlds, she combined her interests on the STOTT PILATES Education team as Programming Coordinator and is now a STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer in Matwork, Reformer, Cadillac, Chair and Barrels.  Sarah has been working with STOTT PILATES since 2003 and continues to learn and grow building relationships and witnessing the impact the program has made on so many instructors and studios all over the world.

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Leslie Wall

At the age of six, Leslie Wall-van der Groef, discovered her passion for dance. While traveling the world as a professional dancer she appeared in plays such as Crazy for You and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat. Her career ended with a severe knee injury. Leslie soon found a new place to apply her knowledge of body movement, STOTT PILATES. The transition from dance to mind-body fitness felt natural to Leslie and by 2007 she was a STOTT PILATE® Certified Instructor and Instructor Trainer. Leslie is now the proud owner of Beyond the Wall Pilates, a successful studio she operates in Toronto, Canada. Leslie’s continued enthusiasm and commitment to the method allows her to excel in this exciting and growing industry.



Bianca Bolissian

Bianca Bolissian started dancing at the young age of four and has not stopped since. She graduated from the Dance University in Campinas, Brazil in 2004, where she expanded her knowledge of classical ballet, and found a new interest in contemporary dance. Fulfilling her dream to live abroad, Bianca moved to Toronto, Canada in 2006. Always seeking new challenges she discovered STOTT PILATES®. By 2007 Bianca was a fully certified STOTT PILATES instructor combining her passions for teaching and body movement. As an outgoing and caring instructor, Bianca always puts her clients first and provides them with an enjoyable and productive workout.


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Stella Giannetas

However, during her busy college years Stella’s level of fitness dropped significantly and by the time she completed her schooling in illustration and jewelry art in 2003, she had gained some weight and started to experience significant back pain. Stella decided to turn to Pilates and to her amazement her back pain seemed to decrease. Inspired by the results she achieved with this no-impact workout, Stella enrolled in the STOTT PILATES® certification program. By the time she had completed her education in 2004, she was looking and feeling like her old self again. Now, as a certified STOTT PILATES Instructor, Stella enjoys helping others reach their own personal health and fitness goals.